Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Malawi ‘School of Storying’!

Dear Friends and Family,
In SA with Drs. Davidson & Phoebe Chifungo.
Christmas greetings from South Africa. While we were in the states a Malawian friend and I participated in a one week intensive ‘School of Storying’ in Orlando. Recently, our friends from ‘Storyrunners’ have asked us to make arrangements to hold a School of Storying in Malawi.  We plan to reproduce the ‘Bible Storytelling’ method we learned.  The goal would be to empower a team of 18 Malawians to produce a set of 42 Biblically accurate and orally reproducible stories from the Bible in their own “heart language’.

The story set we hope to pass on to our Malawian friends tells the Biblical Story from ‘Creation to New Creation’ that is fulfilled in Jesus. The training includes a series of checks that are designed to ensure that when the stories are crafted in ‘Chichewa’ they are true to the Bible. The story set and the training can help Malawians communicate the gospel in the  context of the Biblical story in a way that ‘oral learners’ can understand.

‘Storyrunners’ (http://www.storyrunners.org/) has asked us to tentatively plan a five (5) week training in Malawi this coming June/July 2015. We have been struggling to acquire all the information we need to adequately plan this event. We need to know what options we have for venues, accommodations and food so that ‘Storyrunners’ can make plans to hold this training in 2015.

Please pray that we can get all the information and that plans come together in a timely way. We firmly believe that this training will help strengthen the Church in Malawi. We are excited about the potential of this training and about the opportunity to reconnect with our Malawian friends and churches. The long-term goal of the Malawian ‘School of Storying’ is to see the training being led entirely by indigenous leadership. Your ongoing prayers and partnership with us in the gospel is deeply appreciated.

Zikomo Kwambiri (thanks very much),
The STOMS' Family, Jay, Laura, Clara, Katherine and Lauren.
Merry Christmas, Krisi Masi Yabwino (Chichewa),
Geseende Kersfees (Afrikaans),  
Ndikunqwenelela iKrismesi emnandi (Xhosa) 

Prayer Requests:
1) For Laura as she home-schools our girls in a small space in our University flat.
2) Pray that we fit in well in our local church, Christ Church Stellenbosch. Also pray that our girls are able to make new friends here in South Africa.
3) That Christ Church would develop a vision for ministry to International students.
4) That other International students would join us as we seek to disciple others and as we learn and discuss the stories of the Bible.
5) That we can organize a 'School of Storying' in Malawi for June/July 2015.
6) Pray that we can pick up three new partnering churches.

7) For a vehicle and for longer term accommodations for our family  in Stellenbosch.







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