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In January 2002, I went to Malawi to teach Theology and Bible at the African Bible College (ABC). I opened up to this opportunity in 2001, when I heard Dr. Richard Pratt of Reformed Seminary, talk about the shortage of qualified Bible teachers in developing nations and the incredible spiritual hunger, especially in Africa. Afterwards I told him that I had been to seminary and enjoyed teaching, but that I didn't speak any foreign languages. His response was 'if I were you, I'd go to English-speaking Africa'.

I contacted my Professor from Knox Seminary, O. Palmer Robertson, who had taught in Africa for several years. He invited me to come to Malawi and I've been teaching there ever since. Now I've taught Systematic Theology and Old Testament Biblical Theology to over 600 African students over the past 12 years. In August 2004, Green Lake Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA ordained me as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (PCA). Since coming to Africa, God has blessed me with a lovely wife, Laura, and three beautiful little girls, Clara (9), Katherine (7) and Lauren (5).

Our engagement 2003.
The 'Stoms' at Bwaila CCAP 2013 Lilongwe, Malawi
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