Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Deception Pass with the Laramy sisters.
We have a pressing need for prayer. We’re having trouble acquiring our visa or a temporary resident permit to stay in South Africa for 3-5 years. In the past this could be applied for in country but the law was changed in May of this year. Unfortunately, by not applying sooner I’ve created a lot of additional stress for our family. We would have to send out our Passports with our application and hope that we secure a visa at the last minute. Since extensive paperwork is required we have decided to delay our flights.  God willing, we would now plan to leave for Africa at the end of October. Please pray that we can get all the required items and that our visas will be processed in a timely manner so that we can travel soon.

In order to receive our visas we have to complete applications for each person in our family and send them with valid Passports and passport photos to the South African Embassy in Los Angeles. Some of the items we need are notarized birth certificates, medical reports, including TB tests, and proof of health care coverage. We also need Police background checks and clearance certificates from the United States and from Malawi. The background check from Malawi is proving to be one of the more difficult items to obtain. We also need to show we have roundtrip tickets or we have to provide a repatriation deposit of $1500 for one way tickets. The processing time for the visas is 10 business days assuming all the requirements are satisfied. However, the challenge is getting everything they require and according to their standards in order to gain approval.
With the Bohlings in West Seattle

If you can make this a matter of prayer we would be very grateful.

Zikomo kwambiri (thanks very much),
Jay, Laura, Clara, Katherine and Lauren Stoms

Other Prayer Requests
1) We are still seeking four (4) new partnering churches and twelve (12) new families or individuals who can give just over $1 a day. 
2) For the emotional and spiritual health of our family as we go through more transitions.
3) To connect with friends and family as we begin to say our ‘goodbyes’ before we leave.
Contact: (Befriend Jay and or Laura Stoms on FACEBOOK). 
Africa Christian Training Institute (Jay Stoms Ministry Fund).

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