Friday, June 28, 2013

Dear Friends and Family (June 2013)

Happy 2013 ABC graduates Timothy and Andrew Mwase.
Hope this finds you well. I recently had the privilege of leading both the baccalaureate service and the graduation ceremony for the African Bible College (Malawi) class of 2013. This year’s class of 70 ABC graduates was our largest class since I came here in 2002. We want to personally thank you for all your prayers and loving support over the past 12 years.
After almost three weeks of grading papers and exams, we are now packing for our upcoming furlough in the states. Now we are trying to discern what to pack, what to store, what to sell and what to give away.

2013 ABC Baccalaureate Service Reception.
Since graduation, I’ve graded 150 x 5 page book reports (Making Disciples of Oral Learners, A. Willis; Christ of the Covenants, OPR), 150 x 3 page exams (Systematic Theology, Old Testament Biblical Theology), and 30 x 6 page papers on the ‘Baptism of the Holy Spirit’. I also listened to 4 x 67 recorded stories from Mark’s gospel with 2 pages of answers to questions on each story. But, I can’t complain because I assigned the work. It has been a great learning experience particularly reading the Malawians response to the ‘Making Disciples of Oral Learners’. Learning how those from an ‘oral culture’ learn through stories, songs, proverbs, drama and ceremonies has changed my approach to ministry. Ironically, God gave us a book that is 90% stories, songs and proverbs.
Please pray for us as we travel from Malawi to South Africa and then on to the Seattle area. I’ll be preaching the next two Sundays (June 30th, July 7th) at Presbyterian Churches (CCAP) here in Malawi and then two sermons at an Evangelical Anglican Church in South Africa (July 14th). We also ask that you consider ‘a special gift’ because our plane tickets are very expensive. Normally we have these funds budgeted but our support has dropped nearly 20% over the past two years and inflation in Malawi is over 100% for the same time period. We are also in need of the use of a vehicle for one year while we are in the Seattle/Portland area (July 22nd). As you prayerfully consider our requests the following links should help those willing to help.

Direct Contact:;

We are really looking forward reconnecting with our friends and family while in the states. Hope to see you soon!
Zikomo Kwambiri (thanks very much)
Jay, Laura, Clara, Katherine,  and Lauren Stoms.

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